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Decorated Birthday Cake
Personalized cakes

Cake by MC

Orders on Request
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Costa Del Sol

Personalized cake

Whatever you may be celebrating ,birthday ,wedding, babyshower, anything, isn’t complete without a cake.

Our cakes are expertly hand-crafted to create beautiful designs and exquisite flavors. Choose from a

delicious red velvet, classic vanilla, or scrumptious chocolate cake. We also offer mini cakes for those

who desire more than simply one flavor. 

Delivery straight to your door included in all orders. 

Upon request we also offer: 


Gluten free 

Lactose free 


Words by Katya


Check out my Instagram to see my Birthday cakes to get inspiration! 
I can guarantee that my team can create your dream cake that doesn't

just look perfect, it will even be a sensation to eat and will make 
everyone into a cake person. 
They don't call me the queen of cakes for nothing;) 

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