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Lawyer | Residency & immigration 

 We have a experienced residency & immigration English speaking lawyer in Costa del Sol with more than 10 years behind me in this business. 

Quick and efficient. Difficult cases.  The Lawyer we recommend can help you to immigrate to Spain.

 Specialized in residency permits & immigration (golden visa as well) , corporate law (opening, registration and legal support) and real estate conveyancing (buying & selling property).

Please send an email to with your inquiry & we will make sure you will get the help you need. 

Words by Katya


How nice isn’t it to have a someone you can trust to deal with everything that is a headache for you. Paperwork, Spanish laws and whatever it may be... 

I'm so happy that I took help to start my permanent residency application in Spain which saved me so much time and money.  

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