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Create your Brand Book

Graphic Pieces


The Brand Concept

What is a Brand Book and why is it important for companies?

One of the reasons why it can be said that a company is successful is that it is so well positioned that the reason that matters most when consumers buy its products or services is its brand and not the characteristics or benefits it has. the same. To achieve this, every organization must prepare a Brand Book.

Why is it important for companies?

The importance of having a Brand Book in your company lies in the fact that it is essential to achieve a corporate identity, coupled with the fact that its existence will serve to develop marketing strategies focused on ensuring that your target audience easily identifies your brand.

Without the existence of this manual, misuse of the brand's graphic image would occur. Furthermore, the company did not have a way to transmit its organizational culture and could not achieve optimal positioning in the markets where it competes.


Thematic Brand Concept

Here the theme, style, or visual concept desired for the brand is defined, for example: Tropical, ancient, modern, etc. 


The more specific, the better.


Visual impact desired for your brand.

For example: Funny, Crazy, Serious, abstract, minimal. Etc 


Remember as more especific you are, more clarity on the horizon for the creation of the brand



Here you put some logo designs or brands that have something like you want to see on yours.

Colors, Style, Everything that you feel necessary.


Emotional Values or something more

Here you put something personal that you want on your Brand, like some object that have something special like a memory, a pet a history, if you don’t have something like emotional values for your Brand you can put some recomendation or things to have on count for the construction of your Brand.


Ideas that you have before for your name or logo

That name, Word or draw that you made in some moment thinking on your Brand, Will help with the concept process and can take somethings that can make more clarity on the creation of the Brand.

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