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Connecting You to Marbella's Premier Experiences

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Marbella Circle is an exclusive and modern marketing platform and community founded by Katya Morrissey. We bring together the hottest destination in Europe, Marbella, with local businesses and the most coveted places to visit and experiences to enjoy. Our platform is a one-stop hub for individuals constantly seeking the best of Marbella.

As a company, Marbella Circle provides a unique opportunity for businesses like yours to promote their services and reach a wider audience, specifically targeting the right clientele. We are dedicated to fostering a local network of value and connection.

Marbella Circle serves as a comprehensive guide, offering recommendations on accommodations, dining options, and trusted service providers for those seeking the ultimate experience. Additionally, we keep you informed about upcoming events, news, and exclusive local deals.

Whether you're visiting Marbella for a holiday, residing in this paradise, or a frequent traveler, Marbella Circle always has something extraordinary to offer.


I am Katya Morrissey.


After spending 7 years as a local influencer in Marbella, following my move from Sweden, I have consistently engaged with my followers to establish and nurture trust. With a daily following of over 40,000 individuals on social media, I have been sharing my personal recommendations for years. Showcasing my lifestyle and passions has allowed me to guide thousands of people towards remarkable destinations.

However, dedicating time to individually respond to inquiries and repeating the same information became increasingly demanding. This realization prompted the creation of Marbella Circle—a cutting-edge platform that caters to people's ongoing search for information and recommendations.

Marbella Circle consolidates all the essential resources within one modern hub, saving users valuable time and effort. As a result, individuals can effortlessly find everything they are seeking. This platform ensures that Marbella's best-kept secrets and experiences are just a click away.

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