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Narin I Thai Massage

My name is Saranya, I speak  fluent English and Spanish. I have lived in Marbella for over a decade and worked in only the best Hotels along the Costa del Sol.  I'm located right now in a clinic in Guadalmina where I do:

  • Traditional Thai Massage 

  • Deep tissue/Sport Massage 

  • Relaxing Massage

  • Therapeutic Thai Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Thai herbal Massage


Your more than Welcome to come for any of the Massages above. 

See you soon! 

Read Katya's recommendation below!


I've gone to the same Thai massage place for years, unfortunately they closed down last year. 

Since then I've been searching for someone that is professional and someone to personal the massage after my needs and body.  I've tried them all but finally I found Saranya, Narin Thai Massage. 

I can Honestly say that she  is the best, I even add stretching to my massage now (Which I hated before) and I've never felt this good. I would recommend Thai Narin Massage to everyone!   

- Katya Morrissey