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DREAM DAY I Private Events

"Dream your life in colors, it's the secret to happiness."

Dream Day was born in Belgium from a love of organizing birthdays and all kinds of parties. Now we are introducing this family concept in Marbella and offering kids' cooking workshops, mascots, home visits, photo booth rentals, picnics, and much more to come.

Bring magic to your events and let us awaken the child inside you.

Katya Morrissey
Words by Katya


"Just what we need to make our parties/events a little more exciting and memorable for ourselves and our loved ones! I’m thrilled that Dream Day has expanded to Marbella, as this company has something to offer for everyone.

A dream party for me would be catering from Beity, all of my best friends gathered in my backyard, and a variety of mascots to take Instagram-worthy photos with! You don't have to be a child to invite Minnie Mouse to your party, right? ;)"

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