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EMS Training

EMS Training


EMS Trainings

What is EMS?

Used by Physiotherapists for decades and now for over 10 years in whole body fitness training.

What is EMS Training?

Electrodes are strategically placed within a training suit over all major muscle groups. This is then connected to the device wich is titrated by a professional trainer. In this way it can be fully personalized to meet your needs. The external stimulation coupled with simple voluntary movement causes intensified muscle contractions.

IIs it safe?

Yes! As long as you have none of the contraindications wich will be detailed to you by your professional trainer, it is perfectly safe as our muscles normally contract through electric impulses generated by our Central Nervous System.

That said, just like any form of extreme.

Katya Morrissey
Words by Katya


EMS training delivers results in just 20 minutes, targeting muscles efficiently and effectively. It's perfect for busy schedules and offers a fun, engaging workout experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking to optimize their fitness routine!

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