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Residency & immigration



Lawyer | Residency & immigration 

I'm a experienced residency & immigration English speaking lawyer in Costa del Sol with more than 10 years behind me in this business. 

Quick and efficient. Difficult cases. I can help you to immigrate to Spain.

 As for my services I specialize in residency permits & immigration (golden visa as well) , corporate law (opening, registration and legal support) and real estate conveyancing (buying & selling property).

Please mention that you found me in Marbella Circle… 

Speak to you soon! 

Words by Katya


How nice isn’t it to have a contact like Hernan that makes your life a lot easier?! That is exactly what he does…

I'm very thankful I got Hernan recommended to me when I decided to get a residency in Spain.  All the stress to fix my residency card and the long waiting disappeared and became easy. This is a guy that can stop your headache with all paper work etc. Call him and Hernan will be there for you too.

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